Isabella Trimmel, Austrian, has called Berlin, Germany, her home since 1993.
At the age of 16 she started to work with photography and experimenting with various fine art techniques. Isabellas full-time artistic work started in 2004. Over the years she participated in several artists symposia, explored different painting techniques and materials, followed by the development of her own ink techniques and concepts, e.g. the so called „Space Expansion“ by photographic means.
Her main works until 2006 have been drawings, paintings and sculptures. From thereon she began working with digital media and developed also her photography and video artworks.

Isabella TrimmelDuring these years Isabella also created her unique style of graphic art, impressing by its layering, movement and depth. The viewers are motivated to explore how lines and layers structure her works, how they alternate or weave into each other: space and time, layers as moments, a line as the path. The result is, also in context of experiencing reality, layering and creation of ties as symbols of exploring spacial expanse and narrowness.

Started by the fine art conceptual project „Viewtransfer“, a few years ago, a totally unexpected and new opportunity presented itself. The large-format works of Viewtransfer created great interest for their aesthetic design and photographic impact. This new niche provided the opportunity to execute on many design-ideas, which Isabella separated from her fine-art works, by introducing them under the „Rica Belna“ brand name. Now, the time has come, in which the process reverses itself.

The new series „Raumfaltung und Schwärze“ (space-warp and blackness) have such depth and relatedness to Isabella’s fine-art works, it is apparent, more was created than „design“. Maybe art will always express itself, even if the creator attempts to do design. Isabella’s Miami based gallery will offer these two series at limited edition prints.

Some thoughts

Isabella TrimmelFor me it is a form of dealing with issues such as abuse of power and emotional blackmail, with distance and closeness, with belonging and being unique.

This work is an opportunity for me to bring emotions and thoughts into a visual form. There is a need, an urge.

There is no specific mental image, it’s more a hunch, a feeling, For me, my work is an multi-layered way to express what I can’t describe with words.

Materials / Media

Materials and techniques are of no importance to me. What matters is the result. I experiment with different materials and use the media which imposes itself at a given moment.


It’s probably a combination of subjects I’m thinking about and visual impressions. They become an idea, a feeling. In a sense, they force themselves upon me and are expressed through my work.
It’s less an inspiration rather than an exploration of life and especially of topics such as uniqueness and assimilation trough psychological stress/pressure. In my work I deal with perceptions of the inner and outer world and their complexity, structure and entanglements.